norma watch day #4 (berfday!)

birthday cake!
Norma spent part of her 1st birthday sick (again). Suffice to say we took a long and messy walk until she worked some things outta the system. Though obviously hungry, she seemed less than impressed with the little doggy birthday cake I made her. Adding to the trauma, I had to bath Norma since she was a absolute mess. She was not at all pleased…I’d never seen her move so fast as when she jumped out of the tub and made a run for the bathroom door. Do not be deceived by those short little legs because they can MOVE. The bathroom is covered in water and dog hair but at least Norma is soft and clean.

norma fetal position
She hopes that next year’s birthday is a helluva lot calmer. Poor tired Norma.


4 responses to “norma watch day #4 (berfday!)

  1. Poor Norma. Hopefully she’ll get used to it soon. You are so sweet to bake her a cake!

  2. Poor, sweet Norma! Do you know what’s wrong with her?? Since you just got her, at trip to the vet might be in order to get some meds to make her more comfortable. Both my doggies we sick when i got them, Sassy almost died! And she looked quite fine when we picked her up.

    All that is behind us now, and it will be for you soon!

  3. Happy Birthday, Norma! Yeah, you get her checked out if she continues to be sick.

  4. Happy birthday, sweet doggie. My dog does his fair share of barfing but is otherwise fine. A trip to the vet wouldn’t hurt, but I wouldn’t panic. As long as she’s eating and seems alert I’ll bet she’ll be fine.

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