epilogue: hello goodbye

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Norma is back in Oregon with her family and friends. The trial visit went extraordinarily well from my perspective but Norma did not mesh with my family. (My sister adored Norma but my mom did not–at all. Also Norma was afraid of my dad. We’re not sure why?) Although this current living situation is temporary, I’m a firm believer that the first few months with any pet are critical for laying down ground rules, socialization, etc. That said, it did not make sense to subject Norma to the confusing and often upsetting behaviors of my family. I just didn’t think it would allow Norma to grow up to be a happy and healthy dog. Basically the long and short of it was right dog, wrong time.

As to timing, when I initially contacted this breeder, I was interested in a puppy from a littler due this December, i.e. I wasn’t planning on actually having a dog until at least February or March of next year. (Hopefully at which point I’m gainfully employed, with a place of my own.) It was only after I told her that this would be my first dog that she recommended a young adult dog, like Norma–already house, leash, and crate trained. The breeder suggested having a trial visit in November, right after Norma finished showing for the year.

The breeder was very understanding about things not working out and it was clear that she just wants the best home for her dogs. I am enormously grateful that she allowed me to have Norma for a week. I’m completely hooked on this breed and know that when the right time comes, there will be a little cardigan corgi in my near future.

But I’m not gonna lie….I was a bit teary eyed when I had to drive Norma back. Norma I miss you and hope you find a great home somewhere!!


4 responses to “epilogue: hello goodbye

  1. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} i am so sorry this didn’t work out with Norma! I had no idea this was a trial, but I am very proud of you for recognizing that this isn’t the right time for you. So much better than having an unhappy dog and family.

    This summer, my Oldest, rescued a stray dog that was very sweet. But Tawny was not accepted by the other girl dog already here. It wasn’t fair to anyone to have to break up fights and soothe jealousy all day. Tawny has now been adopted by some one else and is an only dog getting all the loves.

    You did the right thing!

  2. Hey Sara, when I read your post I became a little teary-eyed myself! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out the way you hoped, but I am so glad you had a good experience with Norma anyway. Lisa’s right, you did the right thing. And now you already know a breeder for next time! 🙂

  3. So sorry it didn’t work out. But you did the right thing. It will prbably be better when you ahve your own place. Dogs are creatures of habit. They really like a schedule and not happy with changes.

    FYI, when we got our first puppy, Napoleon, we had no experience with dogs or animals. I am serious. I had been scared of dogs all my life. And DH never really cared for them either. But we are total converts now.

    If I can raise a puppy, so can you.

  4. I think you put Norma first and that’s what anyone who really loved her would do. I know when the time is right you’ll find the right dog.

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