we are the champions

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Apologies for the long absence. I meant to put together a nice Thanksgiving post about how thankful I am for all you nice readers out there in blogland, but that fell by the wayside as I contended with holiday meal plans, a substantial kitchen injury, family in town, and last minute half marathon prep. Anyway, all excuses aside, thank y’all for reading, checking in, and rooting me on…2007 has been one of the roughest years of my life and I’ve needed all the encouragement I could get! I cannot thank you enough for taking an interest in my life.

A *much* longer post is in order but I just thought I’d check in and report that I did in fact finish the Seattle Half Marathon on Sunday. I got cold feet at the last minute and nearly backed out altogether…instead I changed my registration from the run to the walk. I probably could’ve survived the run just fine but it was nice to just take in the scenery and spectacle from the much more laid back pace of the walk. And do not be fooled…even walking 13.1 miles is a tall, tall order. Minus some sore muscles and the raging head cold I’m now nursing, I had a blast and will definitely do this again next year. And with a little running thrown in there, I finished at a respectable 3:04:18.9, just about five minutes over the goal time I set for the half marathon run.

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!


4 responses to “we are the champions

  1. Oh wow! Congrats on the half marathon! I’m so glad they gave you a medal!

  2. That’s awesome Sara! Congrats on going through with it. You should feel so proud of yourself. Running a marathon is no small feat.

  3. Good job!

  4. Yay! And you look so happy in the photo.

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