Is anyone else having a helluva time getting decent pictures of things lately?? Is anyone else freaked out that it gets pitch black at 4:30 PM? My parents live in a heavily wooded area so there is very little natural light that filters into the house. Add to that your typical Seattle winter weather and it’s a recipe for BLAH.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days with projects…too many unfinished objects + too many ideas churning away in my brain. (Oh yeah…and I gotta remember that I’m still looking for a job!) In an attempt to get myself on track, I decided some cleaning and organization was in order. I’ve never been too good at being minimalist so instead I generally aspire to cleverly organize.

Like all the DPNs I have lying around–they definitely needed a home.
needle roll
I found this lovely cotton lawn at a local fabric store sale. It reminds me so much of the lovely Liberty of London prints completely out of my price range. I was planning on using it in a quilt with some other green/pink/yellow fabrics but I needed an application with more instant gratification.

And so the needle roll….
needle roll interior 2

So many pretty colors….
needle roll interior 1

And just because I’m all about pretty colors and pretty organization, I could not resist this little tutorial.
bag dispenser
Because seriously…who couldn’t use a grocery bag dispenser with flaming raccoons on it? If you think I’m nuts you can get the back story here.


4 responses to “.org

  1. The needle holder is very cute. And nice fabric combo on the grocery bag holder.

    I agree on the sunlight thing. I find it depressing.

  2. Great projects!

    I’m having the same problems with natural light. I’ve actually recruited a co-worker to help me photograph an FO today. What should we bill that to????

  3. Those look great! I’ve been meaning to make the plastic bag holder but I figure since I’m not living out on my own yet… It drives me crazy that it gets dark so early. I’ve kind of stopped blogging because of it! I promised another friend that I would blog though, since she admonished me for not blogging for so long!

  4. Love the fabrics on your needle roll 🙂

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