My family is somewhat anti-holiday. When my parents were going through their crazy fundamentalist Christian phase, there was no tree, no presents, no nice dinners, nothing. It was bleak and dreary and we went to church before, during, and after Christmas. And though I wholeheartedly agree that Christmas has become a grossly over-commercialized stress-fest, I believe in a more moderate approach. Also, I would never inflict on my own (future) family, the stress I endured as a child when I came back from the holidays very sad, sullen, and empty handed. I sorta fell back into this bah-humbug mentality when I started law school. I spent most holidays away from my family and friends and when I did finally get home for Christmas, it was often very close to actual Christmas day and I was always in a state of intense physical, mental, and emotional collapse.

But now with all this free time, I felt I could get back into the holiday spirit. My family hasn’t had a Christmas tree in years but this year, I lobbied very hard for one. I got my parents to cough up $60, at which point I learned it’s extremely hard to find a fake tree at that price that does not look appallingly Charlie Brownish. Four hours and seven stores later, Home Depot finally pulled through.
our new christmas tree!

This will never make the cover of Martha Stewart Living, but it looks real enough to me. I ended up eating some of the costs but I really don’t mind. I managed to find some things around the house to decorate the tree which helped defray some of the costs. I’m particularly fond of my little Hello Kitty log cabin ornaments.
hello kitty log cabin

A store-bought tree skirt was also not in the budget, so I sorta cobbled one together with some Christmas fabrics on sale. I’m not thrilled with the result but a proper tree skirt pattern also wasn’t in the budget. 🙂
tree skirt!


6 responses to “nesting

  1. I think your tree is beautiful – something that I do for my trees (that seems to be not too expensive and looks amazing) is to go to craft stores like Michaels and buy a grapevine wreath, disassemble it, and “wind” it around the tree like garland, sort of weaving it in and out of the branches; letting some of it “float” away from the tree in spots… I also think that buying the single stem “clearance” flowers (my fav. is hydrangea) from the spring or summer fake floral section and sticking those in the tree looks really beautiful…


  2. Just for the record, I LOVE the charlie brown tree. And I think your tree looks wonderful. I’ve been thinking about making a tree skirt this year too.

  3. Yay! I’m glad to see you bringing some Christmas cheer to your family’s home. My apartment is sadly undecorated.

    -Karen (aka The Absent Knitter)

  4. I understand your bah-humbugness surrounding the season. I battle it every year, as a result of stressful Christmases of my childhood.

    That said…I love your tree and most especially your tree skirt. I usually wrap loose fabric around the base of mine, but I really like the look of your multi-patterned one. I hope you don’t mind if I steal the idea?

  5. Love the Hello Kitty Log Cabin ornaments!! I think the tree skirt looks great.

  6. Thank you for the compliments on the tree skirt! Lisa, I don’t mind if you steal the idea–not that it’s much of an idea. I was too broke to buy a tree skirt pattern so I just bought a piece of precut tree skirt batting (60″) and made eight corresponding wedges of fabric to match. Taking advantage of a Joanns sale + coupon, I think the project cost me about $15.

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