two thumbs up

I’ve been playing some serious catch up. I cut my thumb very badly over Thanksgiving and that halted most crafting efforts at the worst possible time of the year! I probably slowed down the healing process by trying to putting too much pressure on the thumb too soon. (I tired very quickly of knitting and sewing with one thumb.) Now that it’s all systems go, I’ve been crafting obsessively.

My current fixation? Handmade Christmas ornaments.

felt owl ornament
Like owls. Inspiration here.

rag ball ornament
And rag balls. Inspiration here.

handmade ornaments assortment
Work product after an evening of cutting, sewing, and pinning.

In between I’ve been squeezing in some holiday knitting.
3 AM Cable Hat
Like a 3 AM Cable Hat for my dad. I love this pattern and am planning on making a few more (hopefully) for gifts.

And finally, after some delay I’ve been wrapping up a custom order for my first international customer! (Thanks for your patience Flo!)
sneak peak at a custom order pencil bag
Just have to add in a lining and sew in the ties and it’s ready to go in the mail!


5 responses to “two thumbs up

  1. The ornaments are so adorable. The hat looks great on teddy! I hope your thumb heals quickly.

  2. Yes, take care of that thumb. Your ornaments are all so cute.
    –the absent knitter

  3. How funny, we must think alike. I’ve been wanting to make handmade ornaments too! Those look great! I’m sending healing vibes to your thumb as we speak.

  4. What fabulous projects! And I love your ornaments! I’m quite inspired now. I also really like your hat. I owe Luis a good hat!

  5. The ornaments are up and look great on the tree. Blue Orly is perched on top of the Space Needle and looks like a bad Japanese monster movie. I’ll have pix soon. 🙂

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