good karma

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Another day, another hat. This time using Smariek Knits Cap Karma pattern. I extended the swirly pattern all the way to the top using Brookyln Tweed’s brilliant decrease scheme. This was a wonderfully quick knit with a nice squishy yarn (Berrocco Comfort). I’m a bit of a yarn snob (at least as far as my budget allows) but you would never guess this yarn is all synthetic and machine washable and dryable. (50% nylon, 50% acrylic) It’s deliciously soft. It shows cables beautifully (sorry for the crappy photo, it’s been raining all day) although my one big gripe about this yarn is its tendency to split.

This hat is going to a good family friend as a combo Christmas/birthday gift. (Her birthday’s on Christmas eve.) I’ve already started on a hat for her husband although my wrists are a bit worn out with all this sudden knitting.

My thumb is doing much better…almost all healed up with a weird looking callous/scar. Still avoiding pressure on it but most crafting has been trouble free. I’m expecting some very big news in the next few days…could make or break the holidays for me. Send good thoughts and keep your fingers crossed!


6 responses to “good karma

  1. cute hat! what yarn did you use? maybe i’m just not a very good reader today, but i saw where you talked about the fiber content but couldn’t see where you mentioned the actual name…

  2. Woops! Sorry about that! Got so excited about the yarn that I got to post its name. I added the name to the post–Berrocco Comfort. Great yarn, highly recommended!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe that you are still whipping out knitted gifts with a injured thumb. Good luck and I hope it’s good news.

  4. Oooh big news? I hope it’s good news!! The hat looks great!

    Also, the piggy I made came from a Japanese book called Animal Mascot that I got from purlsoho, here’s the link:,65

  5. *karen (the absent knitter)

    I am thinking good thoughts for you, sara :o)

  6. Love the model and the hat đŸ™‚

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