c is for cookie

Another day….
another 3 am cable
Yes, another hat. A 3 AM cable hat, this time using some good old Lion’s Brand Wool Ease from my stash. Mr. Bear is tired of modeling hats. Alas, I have two more to go before Christmas. I’d forgotten how nice and relaxing knitting is compared to sewing. For me, sewing requires so much thought and planning at each and ever stage. Lately, that’s the sort of stress and thought I find completely overwhelming. Knitting requires some thought and planning in advance but since I tend to stick to knitting patterns, I can kinda coast along nicely for a while. Kinda nice to have that to fall back on after a day of frantic holiday errands, no?

christmas cookies!
Today, I also helped (i.e. I did most of the work while my sister looked on cluelessly) my sister bake a couple dozen cookies for her friends. Gingerbread, peanut butter kisses, and thumbprint cookies. Goodness I forgot how fun (and crazy!) holiday baking is.


3 responses to “c is for cookie

  1. I love thumbprint cookies. The gingerbread men look very cute.

    Wow, you are whipping through those hats. Awesome! Mr. Bear is a great model so you should bribe him with his own hat or scarf as an incentive. (Did you mean Lion Brand Yarn? At first I thought it was a new yarn. :-))

  2. Woops! Yes, I did mean Lion’s Brand. I’m terrible with the yarn names this week!

  3. Oh man, those look so good! And the hats look great too.

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