the power of attorney

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swearing in ceremony, originally uploaded by poohba02.

Phew, what a week!

Shortly before I got sidetracked by horrible food poisoning, I was officially sworn into the Washington State Bar. The ceremony was small, intimate and strangely a little nerve-wracking. It was just about the only thing that made this whole business of being a lawyer “real” to me. (I skipped my law school graduation and have no idea where the actual copy of my law degree is? The bar exam was a total blur.)

It also looks like starting next week I’ll be putting that useful little degree to work. I’m starting a new job and though the position is temporary (just a few months) I’m hoping that it will lead to bigger and better things. If nothing else, it will most certainly pay the bills and buy me some more time on the job hunt.

It’s a lot to take in all at once but it’s making me feel a lot more like an adult…and that is a very good thing indeed.


6 responses to “the power of attorney

  1. Ohmygoodness! Congratulations!! I’m also glad to see you’re back from your crazy chicken.

  2. Well congratulations all the way around! Fabulous 🙂 And you look great in a suit too!

  3. Yay and congratulations! You look like a real adult in your suit. (Is it weird that I suddenly find you intimidating now that you’re a lawyer?;o)

  4. congrats, sara! rock on! 🙂

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of you – it’s exciting to see a rite of passage like this – I’m glad you had the forsight to take a photo…. there’s no going back now…

  6. Nate LaCoursiere

    Spoon!! Congratulations. I hope you are doing well in Washington. The commute sounds like a real bummer. Nora is a knitter, and she recently reminded me of your blog. Take care!

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