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panda cupcakes, originally uploaded by poohba02.

Wow! Is anyone reading this? And if you are, can you tell me how February just completely disappeared?

Sorry for the extended absence but I’ve been putting in extra hours at work. I haven’t been able to finish any projects (at least in the crafts realm). Each week in February I would start with something new and I’d think, “I can’t wait to finish this and blog about it!” Then, each week would end with “Wow, I’m way too tired to do anything creative.” I really hope that this is not a permanent condition…I need my craft mojo (esp the finishing kind!) back.

In the mean time, you’ll have to settle for panda cupcakes. These were just the thing to make after a long day at work (esp. a Saturday!). Fun, just the right amount of fussy, and quite tasty (once you can get past the cuteness to eat them). Not really creative or crafty though…I’m gonna have to give Myra at my little mochi for this one. (Thanks Myra!)


5 responses to “pandemonium

  1. Yay, it’s good to hear from you, even if it’s just to say you haven’t been crafty. Love love love the cupcakes!

  2. Hey there! I thought about you this weekend when I used that pin cushion you made for me oh so long ago. 🙂

    Hope all is well in work land! I know that too tired to finish/start/do anything feeling! Ugh.

  3. They are super cute!

  4. I was wondering how you were. I hope you’re enjoying your new job. I really want a cupcake now…

  5. Well they are just cute as cake 🙂

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