material machinations

Well, the good news is that unemployment didn’t materialize quite as planned. The bad news is that unemployment didn’t materialize quite as planned. My current contract gig has been extended for some yet to be determined period of time. But enough talk of work, you want to see my serger, right?
front view
And an aerial view:
aerial view
The two smaller spools of thread on the left were the ones that came with the machine. All threaded, the machine is pretty much ready to use straight out of the box. Which is a good thing because the ins and outs of threading can be really intimidating to the uninitiated, color coded channels notwithstanding.
threading guide (color coded)
Brother was kind enough to include some nifty tweezers for all that threading. Keep that thing handy because you will need it.
side view interior
Brother also included a few other nifty accessories, including a blind hem foot, ruffler, needles (although the cool part about this model is that it uses regular sewing machine needles!), a little wrench, spool holders, spool nets, and a cleaning brush.
I haven’t tried out the other two feet yet but plan on playing with the blind hemmer this weekend. The niftiest part of all though is that this machine cuts and sews at the same time so you get nice clean edges!
trimming away
But if cutting isn’t your thing, you can disengage the cutting blades. But why would you want to do that? See? Clean edges! Neat!
clean edge
Here’s a closeup of the stitch sans fabric.
overlock chain stitch

I got mine here and with the free shipping, I have not found a better deal online. It would have been nice to try it out before making the commitment, but I have not found any local dealers who sell this particular model. Then again, it was a gift (thanks Mom & Dad!) and I had it on good authority that this was an excellent won’t decimate the piggy bank serger. And did you know that Brother makes the lower end Babylock sergers? So says the woman at the local sewing/vac shop. In sum, if you can make the investment, it’s totally worth it!

And though work has been keeping me really, really busy, I still have managed to make something. A little cover for my new serger using Simplicity 3776. I love the skulls and scissors.
serger cover (with nice little side pockets)


8 responses to “material machinations

  1. That cover you made is too cute!

    Have fun getting to know your new friend 🙂

  2. ok, between you and christina i want a serger now. It looks SO cool. Ack. Looks like you’re getting good use out of it, and congrats on your job extension!

  3. I’m intriqued, I’m very intriqued! So, give me the real facts, is it really as easy to work as you make it sound? (keep in mind my skills LOL) I love the way the serged edge looks.

    And pray tell, where did you get that skull and scissor fabric??

  4. That is one cool machine!! The cover you made is awesome!

  5. lucky you! I am wanting a serger. What made you buy a brother (other than the price)?

  6. I thought I’d already commented to thank you for sharing, but I guess I didn’t…so I will now.

  7. hi, i bought a bunny pencil pouch last year, remember me? since the bunny pencil pouch was first used as a craft bag and now a camera case, i think i need a new one, and a BIGGER one as well. would u be interested in making another one for me? if so, pls email me at i’ll give u the measurements if u r ok with making the bag. thx.

  8. This is too cute! I bought a sewing machine last year, sew my niece a sock-monkey blanket and 2 throw pillows. It’s been sitting in a corner gathering dust since 😦 You make me wanna dig it out again!

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