let sleeping dogs lie

So much to report. So very little time. It’s just that I’m …..

sleeping (bright light)
deep sleeper
dog's eye view
I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with the full report…just after I squeeze in one more nap.
brother pillow


7 responses to “let sleeping dogs lie

  1. Oh MY. SO CUTE. Were you and your sister able to convince your parents? Can’t wait to hear the details!!

  2. oh oh oh…I have puppy envy!!!!! (not that my corgi maggie would approve…she is a very happy ‘only dog’!!!) Found your site through Ivy @ The Senakams Corgi+2 and just wanted to say hi – your blog is lovely and I’m saving your link!!! Can’t wait to find out more on the puppies… 🙂

    emma (http://www.moderngirlskitchen.com)

  3. Did you get a puppy? Two puppies?? What’s going on???

  4. adooorable!!! i am sooo jealous! (but happy for you, too!) 😀

  5. Holey moley! Did you get 2 puppies??? They are so cute!! Tell us more details.

  6. Puppies!!! Awww…. How could you say no to these faces?? Updates, pleeeeze(after that much needed nap)!

  7. Awww, what a bunch of cuties! The adorable puppy phase sure doesn’t last long enough!

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