and that’s a wrap

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burda cowl neck top, originally uploaded by poohba02.

People, this is why you get a serger…because sewing knit garments is such a snap. I’ve made garments before but this is the first piece of clothing that I’m truly proud of. It’s warm, comfortable, and in one of my favorite colors. And as a true test of wearability, I wore the top to work with some dark jeans. (Because I truly relish casual Fridays at the firm.)

Pattern: Burda 8028

Fabric: The body of the top is in a standard mid-weight jersey knit and I found some ribbed knitting to match for the collar and edges. Not knowing too much about Burda pattern sizing or instructions, I went conservative on the fabric, sticking with the 40% off jersey knits at Joanns. Wise choice for a newbie like me but I would consider making this top in a pricier sweater knit. I’m really excited about sewing with knits now and plan on picking up a copy of the New Built by Wendy book on knits.

Project Notes: I still haven’t quite figured out exactly how one is supposed to wear the collar on this shirt. Otherwise, this is your standard jersey knit top and the pattern does provide for options with tamer collars. I would say that cutting and marking the pieces take up the most time since the cut is crucial to the drape of the shirt. The collar was a little tricky to put in and you can see a tiny bit of puckering right in the middle. Still, jersey knits are very forgiving when it comes to ease. I have *serious* issues easing sleeves in but it wasn’t so bad on this project.

Finally, a small word of thanks to Mariko and Christina who encouraged me get over my sleeve phobia. I’m glad to have met them both in person this past week and they are every bit as cool as their blogs suggest.


5 responses to “and that’s a wrap

  1. Ooh knits, fancy. I don’t know if I’m more impressed that you made such a professional looking garment yourself or that you found matching ribbing! Either way, it looks great.

  2. How exciting that you met both Mariko and Christina! Your sweater looks great. I don’t even have my serger yet, and yesterday I bought 4 yards of knits plus 2 yards of ribbing from Joann’s! I figure I’ll work on something easier first.. like a tank to. I really recommend the new Built by Wendy knits book.. i read the whole thing and I really like it.

  3. Oh, that turned out great! I see another one of those in your future. Especially now that your realize inserting sleeves is a snap 🙂

  4. It looks awesome!

  5. so, how are you liking your particular serger? i have to say the idea of owning one is intriguing

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