the windy city

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Geez….can anyone tell me where April went? I planned this trip to Chicago weeks ago and here I am just hours before my flight leaves, cleaning, paying bills, doing laundry, and just generally running around like a crazy person. And can you believe that in the midst of all that I even crafted? Yes, I whipped up this quick little number…a good size bag for toiletries. Project specs will follow at some point. Anyway, I got a flight to catch in seven hours and some sleep to squeeze in between then. I’ll be back on Monday. See you soon!

5 responses to “the windy city

  1. OOooh! I hope you have fun! I liked (the little bit I saw of) Chicago! I did the same thing when I went to Japan… I stayed up until 3 am working on a project I was determined to take with me!

  2. Very cute travel bag! Did you made that with the serger or the HK Janome?

    Have fun! You deserve it!

  3. You make the cutest bags (I should know I own one). Hope you are having fun in Chicago. It feels like the windy city here in the desert tonight.

  4. The Senakams

    OMG, that’s what you can whip up in a pinch? Man… I wish I have that kinda sewing talent! It must be so rewarding to be able to make something you can use right away 🙂

    Safe travels!

  5. Cute! Where do I get one? The patten, then? No? Darn! I’m always so impressed when people can just whip up something like that. Way to go!

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