windy city travelogue

I’m back!! I had a blast in Chicago, eating wonderful meals, catching up with friends (old and new), and seeing the sites. Some snippets….

foie gras donut
Dinner with Carolyn at Bin 36 (my third real-life meeting in a month with a fellow craft blogger…she is also just as cool in person!)

wait wait don't tell me!
Fulfilling a dream by catching a taping of my favorite NPR show (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!)

view from the top
I enjoyed the views from one of Chicago’s most famous buildings
(Strangely the views from their bathrooms are almost as nice!)

justice watches big cat diaries
Got some much needed couch potato time with my friends’ cat (it took us a while but we agreed on Animal Planet)

the bean
Enjoyed some of Chicago’s unusual urban art

reflection 1
I love Chicago!


7 responses to “windy city travelogue

  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun! The food looked good.

  2. How strange to see a picture of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! Looks like a fun trip.

  3. I love Chicago too. I remember that reflective bean in the park…was it too cold for the digital fountain that spits water out of people’s faces?

  4. The Senakams

    Oh man, I’m on a diet! I really don’t need to look at that food photo again… my stomach is growling 😛

    Glad to hear that you had fun though!

  5. Chicago! Woot!

  6. Looks like you had a ton of fun! I need to go to Chicago!

  7. What is that dish in the first picture? I can’t tell if it’s some kind of cake with sauce on it, or if it’s something like sea urchin on a pastry-type thing. lol! Either way it looks good!

    Chicago sounds like a really fun place to visit. Especially after watching that show My Boys on TBS. It’s such a cute show, and the city is almost one of the characters.

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