life is a circus

Are you getting tired of all my bread pictures? Well too bad….I’m really addicted to home baking. Boule #2 turned out even better.

boule #2

I realized I made a crucial mistake on the first boule by not setting the oven to the proper temperature. So I didn’t get the same sort of beautiful exterior crust crunch and color seen here:

boule #2

I’ve been working some longer hours lately and some general living at home with the folks stresses have really killed a lot of sewing time/creative mojo. But in a quiet, calm moment yesterday I did manage to crank out this little beauty, a handy little pouch using some of my favorite Japanese fabrics and trims:

elephant pouch closed

I’m particularly happy that I found the perfect (in my humble opinion) use for some Shinzi Katoh monkey ribbon I bought a while back. This pouch is just the right size to house my bus passes, work key card, ipod, and chapstick…all the things that I want to have on hand. No more fumbling for me.

elephant pouch open

The pattern is based on one in a Japanese craft book (I don’t have the ISBN # on hand but am happy to post it if anyone is curious.) The fabric and trims are from a little goodness’s etsy shop. (Highly recommend Leslie’s shop. She is super nice and stocks her shop with the cutest fabrics, stamps, and trims.)

I love this little pouch and it’s given me a lot of ideas for variations on the pattern. Maybe I’ll even put some up on etsy. Maybe….


7 responses to “life is a circus

  1. What a cute pouch. Chance says he suspects you’re right about the quality of the bread, but you’d have to send him the loaf so he could make sure. He is not at all concerned about his carb intake.

  2. SUPER cute pouch, and yeah, that bread totally rocks!

  3. You need to post some warning on your blog about the high-carb content!! 😀

    The pouch is totally adorable! You make it look so professional, and the menagerie of animals are too cute for words.

    Hope work situation improves soon so you’ll have more quality time in the kitchen and with your sewing machine!

  4. Keep the baked good pics coming!

    The pouch is perfect! So cute and useful at the same time.

  5. Augh.. This one looks even better! You’ve been doing more crafting than me… but I hope you find more time for more baking soon! Looks delicious!

  6. Haha, I really meant to type sewing, but baking works too!! :p

  7. I love this adorable little pouch – the closure you made is so very clever and cute!

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