all mixed up

onion focaccia

Is this getting old yet? More bread? Too bad. This time, I whipped up some of the rosemary onion focaccia using the European peasant bread starter dough. (I would recommend clicking on the larger view of the photo to truly behold the onion-y goodness.) As you can see, I failed to heed the instructions to under-cook the onions so that they don’t burn in the oven. No matter though…the dark crunchy bits are delicious. (But next time, I will try to do a better job following instructions.) Over the weekend, I also baked up some chocolate bread from the book but a) I wasn’t all that pleased with the results and b) it didn’t photograph that well.

But I would be lying if I took the credit for all this doughy goodness. I’m sure that all of this could be done with some good old fashioned elbow grease but a little help in the kitchen never hurts. A few months ago, I decided to invest (finally!) in some heavy duty equipment. I got a Kitchenaid 10-speed mixer but hadn’t been putting it to good use until I got this bread book. I have some misgivings about the mixer generally (fodder for another post) but that’s no reason not to outfit it properly since it’s going to take up precious kitchen counter real estate.

kitchenaid mixer cover (front)

I made this nifty mixer cover using this pattern with a few tweaks. The original pattern was made for the Artisan Stand Mixer and mine is a teensy bit taller. I also added some side pockets just because I thought they’d be handy.

kitchenaid mixer cover (side)

I’ve had this fabric laying around for months now and knew it was the perfect fabric for this project. It feels good to use something from the stash. Fusible pellon fleece provided the perfect amount of heft. All in all, a quick and satisfying project. Highly recommend it, with the caveat that you measure your appliance carefully to make sure you get a good fit.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to finish sewing a garment but it is high on my list of priorities for the weekend. Pictures to hopefully follow soon.

One more thing…..some acknowledgments. The super-talented Ivy was nice enough to acknowledge my blog with a blog award. It’s so nice to have such talented people read and comment on my blog. Thank you ALL! It means a lot getting positive feedback…I mean it’s not like I get to talk about this stuff at work. My sewing and knitting occasionally come up in my interviews (you know when they ask you about your hobbies to see if you have a life outside of work?) and the guy (a young male lawyer) looked at me like I was crazy. Pretty crazy, huh? Yeah, that’s the line of work I’m in.


6 responses to “all mixed up

  1. Hey, you’re welcome, as you’re most talented yourself 🙂 Just look at that glorius loaf of focaccia and that fantastic mixer cover! I think I have the same mixer and it’s collected quite a layer of dust 😛

    I agree with you about work and our hobbies not mixing. When people find out what I do on the side, they often give me the “have you got too much free time on your hands?” look. Grrrrr…

  2. The mixer cover looks great! I have been thinking recently that I need to make one as well… I ordered the bread book yesterday… can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  3. Sara, I really love the things you sew. This *was* the perfect fabric choice.

  4. I absolutely love your mixer cover! I have a artisan one sittng in the closet due to a lack of counter space.

    I am officially on a diet so I am not ordering the bread book. But I am enjoying seeing your creations. Virtual bites are calorie free.

  5. What a fabulous idea and so pretty!

  6. Love the mixer cover! I think I’ll try this myself, my mixer is on the counter and could use a cover. 🙂 I love the little pouch you made, too!


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