in love

Taking a cue from Amanda, here are ten things I’m loving right now.

gaggle of geese
  1. These measuring cups, first seen here. I often find cutesy kitchen gadgets endearing but I rarely buy them as I’ve never had a kitchen large enough to accomodate anything other than the basics. Still, I could NOT resist these….too cute.
  2. The new Sigur Ros album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. (In English, that’s “With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly.”) I’m psyched to see they’ll be playing again in the US this year. I saw them a year or two ago in Minneapolis but can’t imagine how much better they’ll sound in the insane accoustics of Benaroya Hall. (Also in heavy rotation is the new Mates of State, Re-Arrange Us. Disregard the luke-warm review from Pitchfork. This album is chock full of sugary pop song goodness.)
  3. The idea of permanent employment, with benefits. (Now if only someone would actually humor me on this one.) Anyone? Anyone?
  4. The Japanese spitz. Many of you know of my strong allegiance to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi but Jeff has been trying to convince me otherwise. I can’t help but smile whenever I see this, this, or this.
  5. This Japanese craft book (Camisole & One Piece). Totally inspired by Tania at Chocolate a Chuva. In the unlikely event that a ton of free time magically appears, I plan on making every single top from this book. Someday I’ll snap a proper picture of the 1st top I made from this book a few weeks ago.
  6. catnip mice

  7. Knit cat toys. (Pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation.) This is about the only crafting I’m getting in these days. I can usually squeeze in one of these on the bus ride home. Stuff them with some catnip and polyfil and you’ll have one happy kitty. Jeff’s cats just made the cross-country haul (safely) to Seattle and whole-heartedly approve.
  8. These posters. Keep Calm and Carry On. Words we could all stand to hear once in a while, no? I can gurantee you that one of these will either be up in my office (should I ever get one?) or my next apartment. I know the classic original comes in red but I’m really digging the green one.
  9. Peonies. Both of the ones I purchased a few weeks ago have bloomed, a very promising sign since they’re still potted. My dad had this insane idea to tear up the front and back yards weeks before getting a landscaper in. So right now our front and back yards look like giant piles of dirt but the landscaper isn’t coming in until next week. At least the flowers are still alive!
  10. Every single thing on this blog: beautiful landscapes, children, fabrics, and crafts. She’s one talented gal.
  11. This dress, which I’ll be wearing this weekend in glorious South Bend, Indiana. A good friend from college is getting married which provides an excellent excuse to a) catch up with old friends, b) buy a new dress, and c) fly to Chicago.

Promise to be back soon….with real crafting next time. I’m suffering from massive burnout (on many fronts) but hope some time away from work will be just the thing to help me get my craft mojo back.

2 responses to “in love

  1. Ooohh…I want those cups! I saw those cups and the Giraffe measuring spoons a while ago on another blog and have been coveting them.

    The mice are cute!

  2. Everyone used to think my last dog was a Japanese Spitz, especially Japanese tourists! But no, she was just a small Samoyed.

    I want to hear more about the Japanese book!

    Have fun at the wedding!

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