willed into existence

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Finally! A finished garment! Did I not promise some crafting, some sewing, a finished product? And have I not delivered? (Excuse the bathroom back drop by at this hour it was the only place with decent light.)

Orange is not my color but for some reason I’m really drawn to this riotous pattern. I got this bit o’ fabric from Joanns for a mere $4 and figured it was destined to make some colorful reusable grocery bags. But after a conversation with the eggplant I decided to try my hand at this business of pre-washing fabrics. (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I’m usually too lazy to pre-wash and press fabrics. Also until very recently I lived in apartments with crappy coin operated monstrosities that mauled fabrics.) And truth be told, initially, I only washed this fabric because it was so terribly wrinkled that cutting it into anything was out of the question. But please…don’t judge. I’m converted now.

After washing this fabric the feel of it completely changed. It loosened up nicely and suddenly I could see this as a nice summer top. I made this top using a pattern from Machiko Kayaki’s Sewing Talk. I followed the pattern exactly but used three buttons instead of four and added a collar and facing. I was going for this sort of look although you can see that I fell far short. The facing was an improvised after thought (and thus doesn’t quite lay flat). I had intended to make a pleated collar using this tutorial but a) I completely mis-measured the neckline and b) I was out of fabric anyway.

So that’s that. It’s rife with imperfections but it’s so comfortable and so close (but not quite) to what I’d envisioned that I’m thrilled. Most of the pieces are cut on the bias so it drapes nicely. Until I got to the business of the collar, the seam ripper saw very little action. Really, this project allowed me to see how far I’ve progressed in my sewing. I’ve only been sewing garments for about a year (and even then, in fits and starts) and it just feels so much less intimidating than it used to. I think going forward I’ll probably follow Melissa’s advice but every now and again it’s nice to scribble outside the lines.


6 responses to “willed into existence

  1. It looks so great! I want to see it ON you, though.

  2. Very nice! I love the color combination of the orange and tan. And look at you knocking out those Japanese sewing patterns!

  3. Orange is actually one of my favorite colors 🙂 I’d love to see it on you too! I can see it worn with a summery or denim skirt.

    BTW, you and Lynn make me feel like a total slacker! 😛

  4. That looks great! I love the flour collar too, but I haven’t even thought about trying it yet!

  5. It’s gorgeous! I’m so lazy about fabric washing, too . . .

  6. Such a cute top!

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