old checklists

This has not been a good week and more than that, a very unexpectedly expensive month. A lot of belly-aching as I face up to some not-so-fun adult responsibilities and a lot of procrastinating on things screaming for my attention. But despite all this, I somehow managed to start up something I’ve been meaning to do for months now. I get a lot of different magazines (a side effect of unused frequent flyer miles) and most of them get thumbed through but are quickly forgotten for more pressing, but less fun mail (think bills!). I’ve been saving a large stack of them to be clipped and cataloged into one central source. I really wanted to get some sewing done this weekend but I’ve been really sick and tired of the mountain of papers growing around me. After a long weekend of numerous family obligations, I managed to work my way through a good chunk of the magazines. Here are a few pages to give you a sense of what’s stewing in the creative parts of my brain.
inspiration book 1
It’s just a bunch of magazines clippings pasted into a spiral bound sketchbook. There’s nothing hard or particularly interesting about it and yet I find myself wondering, “why didn’t I do this much sooner?” Hopefully this will actually spark some creative action as opposed to the usual creative daydreaming. =)
inspiration book 2


3 responses to “old checklists

  1. LOVE the book. I have one like it, but I haven’t been good about keeping up with it. Do you just use a glue stick to paste things in?

  2. I really love this idea but I can’t bring myself to cut up my cherished magazines…also wanted to tell you you are a talented seamstress!

  3. I do this, too! I actually have two books – one for crafty stuff and one for home stuff. The crafty stuff one has a lot since I started it first. I especially like that one because I can flip through and get inspired. I also print out some things from the internet tat inspire me as well!

    Lovin’ the new blog look!

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