democracy in action

Because I really care what you think, I’m throwing this out there to the general readership. (And if casting the vote isn’t enough and you have further thoughts or a good story in favor of or against me attending, please leave a comment. The reunion is this Friday.) Thanks in advance!


6 responses to “democracy in action

  1. You’re too funny. I love your new layout by the way… I figure it will be either fun or horribly awkward, in which case you can laugh about it later…

  2. I voted yes, you should go! It’s just so interesting to see how everyone turned out…

  3. i guess it depends on what your high school experience was like…? mine wasn’t so great b/c i was too busy working and studying all the time. my 10 year reunion is next year and i have nooo intention of going! 😛

  4. Not all of us even get the opportunity to go to their high school reunions. Since reunions are organized by students, I know I’ll never have one. My year couldn’t even organize a senior class trip. Hello! Excuse to get out of school for a day and go somewhere fun! How do you mess that up!?

  5. I went to high school in Hong Kong, so I never went to a “formal” reunion 😦 But a few years ago I went back to attend a classmate’s wedding, and boy, was that interesting… Ran into ex- (and first-) boyfriend with hubby in tow. Past the initial awkwardness, we were (at least I was) happy that we’re in better places now and can laugh at stupid things we did as teenagers.

    So my vote is “yes’!!

  6. I hated high school. You couldn’t pay me to go the reunion. I say go if you want to, don’t if you don’t.

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