stinkin’ hot

summer salad

I love the look of a freshly cut mission fig. Nothing to me screams fine summer living. It’s been really, really hot here. I’m not talking that crazy DC muggy summer nastiness of 95+ degrees with 100% humidity. But it’s clear that after only a year back here that I have succumbed to the Seattle weather wussyness wherein I whine about heat higher than 85 and cold lower than 35. Anyway, so it’s been hot here and the heat has rendered me totally lazy and useless, i.e. no crafting and no cooking either really. Oh, and the Olympics…I’ve been totally hooked on watching that. So it’s all about hanging out next to a fan and a TV and it’s all about foods that don’t require a stove or an oven, like guacamole. That’s a meal, right?


Yeah, if you’re not going to be crafting you might as well be eating well, no?

4 responses to “stinkin’ hot

  1. That salad looks great. I recently tried fresh White Figs and really liked it.

    The guacamole!!! OMG! That is a meal. Delicious.

  2. Maybe I should become a cook. Just kidding. But the guacamole looks delicious.

  3. Love guacamole! Have you tried making an avocado smoothie? I just tried that out when our Kauai vacation rental owner gave us some free avocados from their tree! Just blend it with ice, vanilla icecream (I used low-fat), sugar (I used Splenda), +/- some mango sorbet. Yum! Just like guacamole, that’s a no-cook meal 🙂

    And yes, I know what you mean by that Seattle weather. 85 is hot for Seattle!

  4. weird world when Seattle is hotter than NYC.

    So why have I been left off? You get a redesign, and I get booted? 😉

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