on the fly

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Thank you all for the well wishes! They mean a lot. The move is still utterly terrifying and I still finding myself shedding a tear or two whenever I think too hard about it.

With the sudden prospects of moving and all else, my normally well-ordered life and schedule have been completely wrecked. I meant to get these cards out for the “art of the note gocco swap” for last week’s deadline but instead they’ll be going out tomorrow. Apologies to any swap mates who are reading this but let me just say it’s been that kind of month. I just hope that people enjoy the cards. I’ve received some amazing cards already and I’ll share them with you at some point soon.


5 responses to “on the fly

  1. Ooh, these look lovely! Are these from a photo? Will be looking for them in my mail box 🙂

    Hope packing’s going well!

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I knew how to make…what are they called? Ink-pressed/letter-pressed? Anyway, I wish I knew how to make cards like that so I could partake in the swap and get the awesome cards you guys have made! 🙂

  3. Those look beautiful! I am still really considering getting a gocco machine (even though they are MUCH harder to find now). Seeing your cards and Ivy’s cards, plus all the wedding invitations and cards my friend made at her wedding are making me think about gocco again…

  4. Got mine in the mail last night, yay!! They’re beautiful, who would have guessed where you got that image from? 😉 Just awesome!

  5. Gorgeous cards!

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