the end is no where in sight?

I’m in the throes of packing and the end appears to be no where in sight. But following along with Ryan, I figured I could use this much needed break from packing, throwing away, re-packing to talk about the horrors of moving. So here are seven reasons, I was hoping to avoid another cross-country move like the plague.
1. I’m really tired of moving. For one reason or another I’ve had to move about every 9 to 12 months for the last ten years. This s*** is getting really old.
2. Being a crafter of any sorts makes any sort of moving twice as annoying. Only now do I realize how much fabric, paper, and yarn I’ve hoarded over the years and nosiree, I’m not throwing any of that goodness away!
3. I’m far too poor to afford movers and even if I could, I’d probably be really unhappy about having strangers load up my stuff and drive off with it. I’ve heard horror stories from friends who waited weeks for their stuff to arrive!
4. Having lived at home with the folks the past year, all my stuff is scattered in four or five different rooms in the house. Finding everything and putting it in some coherent order has presented all manner of logistical challenges.
5. I hate saying good-bye. A LOT. If you don’t believe me, ask Jeff.
6. Moving, even if you have loads of free help, is still a fairly expensive proposition.
7. I hate, hate, hate throwing stuff away. It’s like pulling teeth.

But hey, I hate to dump all this angst on you guys so I’m going to try and think of seven reasons moving I should be (but am not yet) excited about this move. That might take a few hours so check back in later to see if I’m feeling any better and feel free to leave some suggestions too. =)


4 responses to “the end is no where in sight?

  1. 1. you’re moving to a very cool city– chicago!!!
    2. it’s a fresh start, a new chapter in your life
    3. independence from family/establishing yourself
    4. it could mean that life is about to get a whole helluva lot better!
    5. life is too short to be unhappy about a move, in the grand schema of things it’s rather small.
    6. your future is so bright, it’s blinding!! 😉
    7. if all else fails, you could always buddy up w/ Oprah! 😉
    8. moving to chicago means less rain and more SUN!
    9. the food (what more needs to be said?!)
    10. hopefully, chicago will be your last move for a while!

  2. Wow, that’s a hard comment to follow, well said!

    Leaving loved ones is always painful, the “Hernia” moving truck makes a poignant point.

    Just drink up that last drop of Seattle coffee, finish up all the unfinished business (easier said than done, I know), and move on to greener pasture!

  3. Wow! Katie just did your next post for you…I want to hire her for my blog, lol.

    I think the Hernia moving truck is hilarious and am tempted to call the number…

    Hang in there

  4. Wow, congrats on accepting the job. Chicago! How exciting! Now you have more reason to knit. It’s so cold there.

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