I’m a Mandarin!

You’re an intellectual, and you’ve worked hard to get where you are now. You’re a strong believer in education, and you think many of the world’s problems could be solved if people were more informed and more rational. You have no tolerance for sloppy or lazy thinking. It frustrates you when people who are ignorant or dishonest rise to positions of power. You believe that people can make a difference in the world, and you’re determined to try.

Talent: 38%
Lifer: 46%
Mandarin: 49%

Take the Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.


4 responses to “mandarin

  1. oh, I forget that guy’s name, but my favorite roles of his was in one of the best (and at present time most unbelievably relevant) investment firm advertisements ever.

    “They make money the old fashioned way… they EARN it.”

    as for me…
    “Talent: 62% Lifer: 44% Mandarin: 31%”

  2. talent 51%, lifer 28%, mandarin 54%
    interesting quiz!

  3. ahhahaha, I guess this works because I am a “Mandarin” 😉

    Talent 51%, Lifer 26%, Mandarin 69%

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