Apologies (again) for the prolonged blog absence but I have been in an on-going battle with the incompetents at Comcrap trying to figure out how to get my cable internet and TV installed. It’s been a complete and total ordeal replete with hour-long phone calls, multiple transfers, and people giving me one piece of mis-information after another. I’ve almost broken down in tears twice, shouted an expletive to a customer service rep, and probably aged a few years as a result. All this is to say that I’m working on a return to the world of regular blogging but am not quite there yet. BUT….I’m happy to report that there’s a technician set to come out on Saturday to do the installation, so with any luck, I’ll have apartment pictures to share this weekend. In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed for me and send positive thoughts my way. Thanks! =)


5 responses to “jinxed?

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all this just to get your apartment set up. As someone who hasn’t had the entire downstairs of her house the same for almost 4 months, I know it’s so troubling to not have your home all up to snuff. It just irks in the back of your mind, right? I hope you get through it soon!

  2. my lab mate actually went through something very similar w/ comcast. sorry you’ve gotta deal w/ all their schtuff, too! deep breath, dear. this, too, shall pass!!!

  3. Yeah comcast just installed my internet. i thought i was getting wireless but no. the technician told me it would cost $100 more at least. I almost cancelled the service right there, but then he told me I could just buy a wireless router on my own for much cheaper.

  4. How hard it must be to be without a connection! I hope you get it worked out soon!

  5. Good luck. It is absolutely frustrating. I never got my internet issue resolved so I feel lucky when it works. Bah!

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