in the blink of an eye

autumn in a bowl

It’s been an insanely busy week (in fact, just got home from work) and with just a moment to come up for air, I realized that I’ve been in Chicago for over a month now! When did that happen?!

I still don’t have a couch and have some unpacking left. Fortunately, I’m so rarely home that this seldom bothers me. I did get Saturday off though and used it to stock up on more household goods and make some soup. I used this recipe but added in some granny smith apples and carrots. Highly recommend it…nothing screams autumn more than a big bowl of orange savory goodness. I’m always surprised that I have any energy to cook but after a week of eating late-night takeout at the office, I find few things more satisfying.

I’m really, really hoping to squeeze in some crafting this week but that may be too much to hope for. I may just try to catch up on my sleep deficit and pray that I’m off next weekend.


3 responses to “in the blink of an eye

  1. What delicious looking soup! Hope that you will find time to get settled and do some crafting! Have a lovely week!

  2. Looks very comforting.

  3. eh, couches are overrated if you ask me…i’ve been here for 2 years, and i still don’t have one…

    is that a bad thing??? 😛

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