Day 4: yes we did

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I have a few confessions. I’m an old lady or at least act like one. I really hate large crowds. I was not a particularly enthusiastic Obama supporter, although I did vote for him today. I probably could have gone down to Grant Park tonight, particularly because our office closed early. Instead, I went home, studied for the MPRE and my IL drivers license exam while periodically tuning into election results. That may sound lame to many but I was happy as a clam to watch everything from my living room.

People are cheering outside. Fireworks are going off. It sounds a little cliche but today I’m truly proud to be an American. I’m still amazed by the record turnout today, seeing the democratic process in serious action. I had chills running down my spine listening to Obama’s speech. It’s almost 60 degrees on a November night in Chicago. What an exciting time to be here. What an exciting time to be an American.


3 responses to “Day 4: yes we did

  1. I’m the same way. And oddly enough someone was setting off fireworks here in Albuquerque. Scared the crap out of my dog. But as a rather enthusiastic Obama supporter I am bolstered and relieved.

  2. amen, sara! amen! 😉

  3. Ivy@PaperElixir

    Hey, that’s not cliche at all! We were watching this on TV last night and I had the exact same feeling. I’ll admit that I even shed a tear :~) I actually joked with my husband that when we travel abroad we don’t have to pretend to be Canadians anymore 😛

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