Day 16: not a day of rest

lovely lined curtain (back door/kitchen)
Among the many, many things I bought yesterday was this Robert Kaufman pear fabric. Now mind you, after this last move and the near nervous breakdown I had packing up my fabric/yarn stash, I swore off ever buying fabric and yarn ever again. I would say thus far I’ve been entirely unsuccessful in yarn/fabric stash reduction. For the time being, I’ll blame Carolyn. =)

Originally, I bought the fabric with a bag project in mind but changed my mind after seeing this post. I kinda swore off making curtains after my last experience making them but once I get an idea in my head it’s hard to let go. This is the first sewn project I’ve tackled here in my space. I still haven’t worked out the logistics of my craft space and there were definitely a lot of frustrating moments when I realized I have no idea where my seam ripper and marking pens are? Still, I’m happy to report that my sewing machine and serger survived the move unscathed and appear to be in fine working condition.

I used the lined curtain tutorial from the Purl Bee. The only alterations being to adjust for a much smaller window (it’s the window to my back door). I’m a little too tired right now to appreciate the final product. I’m also a bit weighed down right after eating a heavy (but delicious!) dinner.
Sunday Supper
Meatloaf, buttermilk mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and green beans. Ok, time to collapse.


4 responses to “Day 16: not a day of rest

  1. Those curtains are freaking awesome! Wow. Nice job. Hopefully it has wiped away any bad old memories you may have had. Hehe.

    I know what you mean about your craft space. I was the same way after I started using my kitchen again after the remodel. I had to think about each and every pot, pan, and utensil (not to mention ingredients!) I wanted to use for what I was making so I could find it, get it, and wash it. It was really frustrating when the simplest things like a spatula or a big spoon weren’t right there. It’ll get better!

    Mmmmm, isn’t buttermilk just wonderful in mashed potatoes? 😀

  2. The curtain is super cute! Way to go on crafting in the new place.

    That dinner looks so yummy!! My kind of food. Tonight, I enjoyed a Diet Dr Pepper with my dinner, too.

  3. That fabric is fabulous! I have to say that reading your blog ALWAYS makes me hungry. I still have yet to unpack my serger from it’s box… I gave myself a year, so I figure I still have 5 months!

  4. Oh wow, the pear curtain came out so cute!! Can’t wait to see how you’ve decked up the rest of your place 🙂

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