Day 18: do over

This week is quickly deteriorating. It’s only Tuesday. I felt pretty icky and contemplated going home early but the work kept trickling in. I am learning my new limits and boundaries here. That can sometimes be incredibly frustrating. I still feel pretty awful.

It doesn’t help that my apartment is really cold. I hope they turn up the heat soon. I see more quilts in my future. If I ever learn how to manage my time properly. =)


2 responses to “Day 18: do over

  1. So you have central heat in the building and you can’t control the temp in your unit? I would have frozen to death (being very cold-blooded). But maybe it’s a good thing if it’ll motivate your quilting 🙂

  2. Dude, take care of yourself! I say you wrap yourself up in quilts and get your night owl cup and sit for a day. Today’s hump day.. weekend’s coming up!

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