Day 23: couched

It all started with a little dachshund….
log cabin close up

log cabin pillow
I’ve had this sad uncovered white pillow-form since I first moved here. I kept dreaming up some sort of cover to throw on it but put held off on any decisions until the couch arrived. I spent the weekend remedying the situation with autumn (my favorite season) and dogs in mind. I’m not normally an orange person but ever since I saw this quilt block by Lynn, I could not shake the color (or the fabric) from my brain. Of course, I was thrilled when I found some of it still on sale at Crafty Planet. (As with many of my favorite fabrics, it’s discontinued.) Besides the adorable Heather Ross dog fabric, I used cherished bits of my Japanese fabric stash and some Marimekko fabrics I picked up at a Crate & Barrel outlet for $4.95/yard. I’ve attempted log cabin pillows in the past with disastrous results, but overall I’m really pleased with the results this time. I think it’s a nice and whimsical accompaniment to the new, modern couch. Can’t be too serious, right?

7 responses to “Day 23: couched

  1. your pillow looks great!

  2. It’s beautiful! And it looks so cute on your sofa.

  3. That is super cute!

  4. I think it goes perfectly with the couch. I recently covered an long-uncovered pillow form too. And I’ve also had disastrous log cabin results.

  5. Ok, that is way super cute. You did such a great job! And YES an orange convert! :p

  6. Love it! You SO want to make me SEW! 🙂

  7. Wow, great job, that looks awesome! Now you just need to find fabric with a corgi on it and make me one of these 😉

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