Day 25: orange you glad…

…that it’s almost Thanksgiving?
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
My obsession with all things orange continues, this time manifested in pumpkin chocolate chip muffins/loaf, another recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. The recipe was a little disappointing, not as pumpkin-y as I’d hoped. Still, with a good dose of chocolate chips it’s more than edible.

I’ve been working on a few quilt blocks, experimenting with different fabric combos and attempting to improve my technique. The one on the left is a 12″ Woven Ribbons block. The one on the right is a 12″ Ohio Star block.
quilt blocks
I was going to tackle a third block but frankly I’m exhausted. Maybe sometime this weekend. Just gotta get through one more day.


One response to “Day 25: orange you glad…

  1. I’m SO excited for Thanksgiving! I love the Ohio Star block. Your points look great!

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