as luck would have it

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java roasted salmon, originally uploaded by poohba02.

The stars have aligned people. Things are good. Not only did I win this most awesome box of fabric. I also just found out I won this lovely letterpress calendar. On top of all this goodness, yesterday I found out I passed that dreadful test I had to take last month. (Mind you, this test is considered “easy” but I would’ve died from embarrassment had I not actually passed.) First step to getting into the IL bar, check!

I just finished this delicious dinner. Javanese roasted salmon, veggies, and white rice. Not only did this meal totally satisfy this craving I’ve been having, all the ingredients came straight out of my freezer and pantry. Now all these things happening in quick succession either means that a) something terrible is just around the corner or b) I should get some lotto tickets asap!

4 responses to “as luck would have it

  1. You’re funny! I had a boca burger doused in gravy for dinner, lol. I’m probably just jealous because your salmon looks so delicious.

  2. hmmm…i’m leaning towards the lotto ticket. 😉

    geez, sara, forget law! i’m thinking you should be a chef! i just ate lunch, but i’m hungry (and envious) after seeing what you had for dinner last night!

  3. OMG, go buy lotto for sure! Luck like this doesn’t come by every day, but then maybe the feng shui is good at your new home and you’re gonna be lucky from now on! *Green with envy*

  4. Congrats on passing the test! That meal looks so good. Sadly, my husband doens’t like salmon so I don’t make it much at home.

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