close encounters of the blog kind

weird plant, originally uploaded by poohba02.

Sorry for being away but it’s that time of year when one dashes from one holiday party to the next, avoids unnecessary commitments whenever possible, and just generally prays that a nervous breakdown is not around the corner? Can you tell I’m a little bit stressed?

But at moments it’s been loads of fun too. Last Thursday I ventured up to Evanston to meet up with Jess of How About Orange fame. It was a great night of yummy desserts, paper crafts, and meeting up with fellow craft-bloggers. It made me realize that for me, while 2008 has meant many different things, one of them has been meeting up with people in the blogosphere. Here’s a recap. So far this year I’ve met:

  • Christina of Assorted Notions
  • Mariko of Super Eggplant
  • Carolyn of Girl Reaction
  • Jess of How About Orange
  • Good times. Gotta love the internets, huh?


    3 responses to “close encounters of the blog kind

    1. If you come to NYC, then you add me to the list.

    2. If Oiyi is baking I’LL go to NY and you can meet us BOTH, lol

    3. It was great to have our lunches and visit Kinokuniya. Too bad you moved away…!

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