i really should go get that lotto ticket now

oh fransson quilt #1 (the halfway mark)

Instead of doing the myriad of things I should’ve been doing last weekend, I spent last Saturday recovering from my epically long office holiday party on Friday (believe it or not, 13 hours!) and working on this quilt top. Last week I got my *wonderful giveaway box* from the Oh Fransson giveaway and was completely blown away. (I ended up with Box #2 with those who are curious.) Elizabeth stuffed that flat rate priority mail box within an inch of its life and I see a long and rich future of craft projects to come from that box. This quilt is the first of many. I’m not normally a huge fan of turquoise but I’m a totally sucker for greens and greys and I love the modern aesthetic of these fabrics. Continuing on the Oh Fransson theme, I used the same layout that Elizabeth used on her lovely mix tape quilt. (I hope she doesn’t mind.)

The finished quilt will be roughly 60″ x 60″, 6 blocks across, 6 blocks down. A perfect addition to the growing number of blankets on my couch that will help me brave the fierce Chicago winters. I’ve ordered the fabric for the backing and have some bamboo batting that I’m going to try out as the filler. I have all the blocks sewn up and ready to go; I just need to sew them to the sashing. With any luck I’ll be able to finish the quilt top this weekend and practice some free-motion quilting in anticipation of the backing fabric’s arrival.

And….I can’t believe my blog-o-sphere winning streak continues. I just found out that I won the brilliant moebius pattern from Oiyi. I really should go buy that lotto ticket now, right?? What this really means is that I have to pay all this good crafting karma forward. Which means I really need to get my act together…..so stay tuned. After the holidays I’ll be announcing a giveaway and an unconventional swap for January/February.


3 responses to “i really should go get that lotto ticket now

  1. I absolutely loves the colors of that quilt top! Cool, winnning streaks are awesome.

    13 hour party?!! Oh my.

  2. The top is great! And congratulations on winning (again). You definitely deserve it!

  3. Hey, can I chip in with you on that lotto ticket? 😉

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