2008 recap: in which I get all introspective and stuff

Boy is it that time of year again? Already? CRAP!!!!

I liked the format of Rachel’s recap so I think I’m going to follow suit. Hold on to your hats folks, this post might be a tad on the long side….


swearing in ceremony

I got sworn into the WA bar, started first grown-up lawyer job, and found that the world of responsible adulthood kinda sucks.


mistake rib scarf

I did a lot of colorful knitting and apparently not much else? It took a while to finish that last scarf but I did manage to finish it just as the year was wrapping up.


aerial view

I worked. A lot. My dad turned 60, a major milestone and a rare chance for all my sibs to come together. I got some new toys and they sorta changed my life. Strangely, I blogged about this one but not the other more important toy (sorry serger, you’re second fiddle). That will definitely have to be corrected in the new year.


brother pillow

I played with some corgi puppies and planned a trip to Chicago. What a crazy idea that was, huh? =)


the bean

I needed to shake things up a bit and decided to visit some friends in Chicago, not really knowing how much that little weekend visit was going to change my life (and the rest of 2008).


Picture 1648

This year I realized I’ve reached that age where every other month I either find out a friend is engaged or I get invited to a wedding. Wedding #1? Colin & Rebecca: Mishawaka, Indiana. Despite the majorly *sucky* location, it’s probably the funnest wedding I’ve been to so far. I caught up with all my college buddies and on the way home squeezed in an interview at the job I currently hold. Life is strange people.


Wedding #2? Shata & Luke: Spokane, WA. Again, location was kinda meh, but the venue (the historic Davenport Hotel) was really something else. Of course it didn’t hurt that they have possibly the most comfortable hotel beds ever.


wedding party

Wedding #3? Tara & Matt: Tacoma, WA. After two out-of-town weddings I was grateful to have one that required no traveling. Plus, I got to catch up with one of my best friends from high school, Andrea.


the big move

Wedding #4? Dan & Stacey: Chicago, IL. Seriously people…I wasn’t kidding. A lot of stinkin’ weddings this year. But of course the fun and hoopla of the wedding was sorta over shadowed by the prospect of a crazy 2,000+ mile impulse move to strange big city to start a new job.


morning commute

There was a lot of adjusting….a LOT of adjusting. A couple of months later I’m still not sure if this is the city for me.


new signage

As you might imagine, November was a crazy, exciting time to be a Chicagoan. I turned 29, ate a lot of good food, and passed the MPRE.


watermelon tree skirt

After finally getting my crafting area sorta set up (I’m still not happy with it), I managed to crank out a little sewing. I also got my first dose of the notoriously cold and windy Chicago winter and decided on weather grounds alone, I may not be in this city too long. I had a wonderful trip back home to see family. Strangely, I went to Seattle to escape the cold and the snow but found out that it was far more wintery in Seattle than in Chicago.

Bravo if you’ve reached the end of this post and covered all this ground with me! Thanks to all you out there (both those that I’ve met and those I only know through the magical internets) for peeking into my little corner of the world. It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? I have to laugh a little because I went back and read my summary of 2007 and hopes for 2008 and I could summarize 2008 much the same way. A lot of tissues decimated, the (re)demise of a relationship, another bar exam to worry about, and the nightmare of moving cross-country, again. Will it ever cease? Can I just have a year finally where I just get to be me, sans constant upheaval, massive changes, and major rifts? Maybe in 2009?

I don’t know….perhaps I am a fool but I am optimistic about the coming year. While 2008 kinda sucked, it was vastly better than 2007 (which majorly sucked) and more importantly, I think, despite all the difficulties, I was able to lay down some important groundwork this year–personally, professionally, etc. So Happy New Years, y’all and here’s to a great 2009! I hope the coming year brings you much warmth, happiness, and love. <3<3<3


3 responses to “2008 recap: in which I get all introspective and stuff

  1. Happy New Year! I am a optimistic, too. Let’s wish us all a great year in 2009.

  2. Dances with Corgis

    I do love the format of this recap, so much more user friendly than my giant mis-mash.

    I found your blog via Ivy’s and have been lurking for a while. Just wanted to pop in and say happy 2009!

    Oh and also, I propose the following edit:
    May: Took the same exact photo that everyone else takes at the Bean ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Ivy@PaperElixir

    That’s a great recap! Makes mine look totally lack-luster ๐Ÿ˜› And looks like you have a new reader above ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure 2009 will be a much-improved year for you, you’ve worked hard and made some tough decisions this past year so you can have a better year (and life), and you will ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy the New Year!

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