sorta back at it

Well I’m back in Chicago…albeit a little reluctantly. I had a great holiday back at home with my family. The only major disappointment was that one of my brothers wasn’t able to make it home because his flight got canceled. Mostly, my trip home was spent catching up with my parents, editing my sister’s college application essays (eek!), and eating lots of yummy Korean food. Still, I managed to find a little time to knit and finished a project that had been left behind in the move.
noro mistake rib scarf
This is a Noro mistake rib scarf, pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love all the colors but am hoping that the yarn softens up a little bit when I wash and block it. Noro’s a bit scratchy, isn’t it? Still, I can’t resist the colors.

I had this half-baked plan to make a lot of Christmas presents this year but the gifts never really materialized. My craft space has just barely started coming together so I’ve only been able to do a little bit here and there. One of the only gifts I was able to eek out was this little gal:
mini moopy (at the office)
This is a mini moopy made using this pattern. It’s for one of the secretaries in my office, my craft-partner-in-crime at work. I thought it turned out kinda wonky and was reluctant to give it to her but I did today and she was well received.

Speaking of work…I’m really psyched because I misread the office holiday schedule and thought I had to be at work on Friday. Turns out tomorrow’s the last day I have to work this week and then I have FOUR glorious days all to myself! It’s my last gasp of freedom before bar prep starts next week and I’ll take every last second of it. Maybe I’ll even finish my quilt??


3 responses to “sorta back at it

  1. The doll is so cute! Yeah, Noro is scratchy, but it’s so pretty. It will bring some color to the Winter Days ahead.

  2. I think the doll is adorable. Enjoy those four days of glorious freedom!

  3. Ivy@PaperElixir

    That scarf looks wacky + totally awesome! Love it! And that little dolly too, you’re too talented 🙂 Enjoy your next few days off!

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