going green

lunch + orla kiely
We’re officially at the two week mark. Two weeks from now I’ll be at the Gleecher Center hopefully rocking Day 1 of the IL bar exam. Between now and then I have a *long, long, long* way to go. Still, I’m not at the complete and total freak out phase just yet and have allowed myself to take the occasional break to do important things like shopping and eating.

I’m sure by now that many of you have heard of Orla Kiely’s housewares line for Target. I went a little nuts and went to three Targets on February 1 because I wanted to get to things before they sold out…dumb move apparently since the Targets around here were really slow in stocking the merchandise. I went back to Target the other day for unrelated errands and still found a good assortment of Orla Kiely goodness. Alas, the one item I really truly wanted was out of stock. (I checked online too and it’s already sold out.) Instead I settled on a smaller stoneware canister, two fabric covered boxes, four salad plates, two tumblers, and a set of kitchen towels. Maybe I went a little overboard but I seriously love this stuff.

Ok, back to studying and freaking out. I might not be back for another two weeks or so.


6 responses to “going green

  1. they had it in my target the other day! i saw it (and admired it) but didn’t get it. want me to pick one up for you if i see it again? with three kids, i’m only at target like four times a week anyway. ; )

  2. Okay, must not allow myself to look at that stuff when I am at Target. Must resist.

  3. OH MAN. I forgot! Your cup looks great! I think the pear canister is the one thing I would want too!

  4. Good luck with the bar prep…. sending good vibes your way! 🙂

  5. Hi Sara… I just tagged you on my blog. Check it out…

    Hope your studies are going well.

  6. metrosupialdesigns

    I went a little crazy with it too. At least my closet is organized.

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