what I did on my winter vacation

Just in case you’re curious what the last month looked like. This is where I sat for 10-12 hours a day trying to will as much information as humanly possible into my tiny, tiny little brain. I have since excised all bad memories, books, and papers to a dark corner of my closet and will hopefully never have to revisit this experience ever again. I’m still a bit too traumatized by the experience to talk about it in any detail. All I can say for now is that I really hope I passed. I’ll find out for sure in mid-April.

(As a brief side note, I should add that I almost fainted/threw up when my computer crashed on the first day of the exam with five minutes to go. “Scary” or “terrifying” does not quite capture the absolute and utter panic I felt for ten minutes when I was sure I’d lost all the work from the morning session, i.e. effectively failing the exam on the spot. In the end, I lost five minutes worth of work, which though not ideal, still gives me hope that I could’ve made up the points elsewhere to pass.)

On to happier things…..
a cure for the winter blues
I’d hoped to do some good crafting after a month away from all sewing and knitting but my body and mind were not cooperating. I could not muster up enough energy to do anything besides cook, clean, and get my life back into some semblance of order. Oh, and I had to buy myself some flowers….because I’m really tired of winter and because you have to treat yourself sometimes. (See the nice Orla Kiely tumbler doubling as a vase? More on my continued obsession for all things Orla in a later post.)

So like I said….there was some cooking:
big indian dinner
I’ve been craving Indian food for weeks now but a) don’t know where to get good Indian food in Chicago and b) have no friends in Chicago to go out for Indian food with. So I decided to be brave and make some at home…this is a terrifying prospect for me normally because a) my apartment is small and any type of savory cooking usually results in everything smelling like onions or curry for weeks and b) my experiences with Indian cooking thus far have been terrible, dismal failures. But perhaps because of all the mental suffering of the past several weeks, the kitchen gods smiled on me and gave me my first *successful* attempt at Indian cooking.

Of course, I can’t really take much credit. The hard work was done by the brilliant folks at America’s Test Kitchen. Their recipes were spot on. I made giant pot of aloo gobi and basmati rice pilaf. Both were delicious and either as good or better than what I’ve had at many Indian restaurants. Yum.

I’m working on converting my old study space into happy craft space. (Since space is limited I had to pack away my serger and sewing machine while I was studying.) Hopefully I’ll get that taken care of this week so I can get started on some crafting again.


4 responses to “what I did on my winter vacation

  1. Your homemade Indian food looks yummy but you should go out for Indian food in Chicago, too. Chicago has such good Indian food compared to Seattle – go to Devon Street. I used to like a place called Viceroy, but according to the Yelp reviews, it’s gone downhill lately. But there are lots of other places.

  2. i can relate 🙂 i’m a lawyer from italy and i passed my exam last year. Here we have a written test in december, the results of which are known in june of following year (about 30% pass). If you pass, there is an oral test, a few months later. Mine was at the beginning of september. Not a day off for about three months..i think i am beginning to recover just now.

  3. Yay! You survived. Now I’M kind of craving Indian food…and video you posted below is pretty funny all right.

  4. Hurray that it is over! That Indian Food looks delicious!

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