mojo jo jo

before and after (much better), originally uploaded by poohba02.

So here’s the new craft space. It may look pretty unremarkable but it was a lot of work to clear out all the study materials and set up what I hope will be a happy and productive place to sew. There are many trade-offs to big city living and one of them is less space. My one-bedroom apartment is still sizeable by Chicago standards (and certain spacious by NYC standards) but I fear that it may be some time (if ever) before I can afford to have the sort of open, brightly lit craft space that I had in Minnesota. (Man, I miss that apartment.)

The sewing desk was previously smashed into a tiny corner of the living room, making for a very cramped, cluttered look. When I found out my parents and sister were going to be staying with me for six days, I knew I had to move the desk somewhere. The bedroom was really the only option. My sewing machine and serger are now within arm’s reach of my bed.

Speaking of bed, I’m still completely exhausted. Although it’s been a (thankfully) slow first week back at the office, I’m completely wiped at the end of my day. I can barely make a meal and watch some TV before I’m ready to crawl into bed.

No creative mojo whatsoever! It’s been so long since I’ve sewn or knit anything I fear that I’ve completely forgotten everything. I’m in a rut. So any advice? What do you do to get re-inspired?


2 responses to “mojo jo jo

  1. Cute blog title! I like new crafting space. My sewing table was moved next to my bed after Melody started crawling around her room (former craft space). I often feel uninspired when I am exhausted. It’s really hard to muster any energy. Just get some rest. It will come back.

  2. Your new crafting space is so nice! It looks so uncluttered. It must be nice to be able to get up and sew.

    Oiyi’s right.. just rest. When I need to get my sewing mojo back, I sew something little (usually a dear jane block) just to get myself back into it…

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