at last….

sewing caddy (yes, finally some sewing!)
The weekend went by so quickly (especially so with the loss of an hour) that I’m surprised I had any time at all to sew?! But somehow I managed. Inspired by Lynn, I made this sewing caddy. The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner’s Seams to Me book but is also available for free here. Overall, I’m happy with the way this turned out but I had the same problems as Lynn. The seams for the pieced sides were too small (I used 1/2″ seams instead of the 3/8″ seams listed in the pattern) and I had to stuff it two or three times (while cursing profusely) because the inner wall kept collapsing. It still looks pretty wonky but it’s not too noticeable once I put some notions in it. =) Moreover, after a long hiatus away from the sewing machine, it just feels nice to finish something. Even if it isn’t perfect.

Mendocino test block
Aside from being useful, the sewing caddy was a bit of a test case for a quilt idea that’s been rattling around my brain. I wanted to see how the fabrics looked together. Mind you, I know I haven’t even finished the last quilt I started but after getting a copy of Weekend Sewing last week, I couldn’t stay away from these Mendocino fabrics any longer. This is a very wide block (don’t have the exact measurements handy). The tentative plan is to have a finished quilt that is two blocks across and five or six blocks up and down separated by some tan sashing. Stay tuned…

another Indian Sunday supper
I also did some more Indian cooking and it will probably take the entire week for my house not to smell like curry. This time it was chicken tikka masala, using this recipe which was much touted here. I confess to being a bit disappointed. I didn’t use as much cream as called for (only what I had on hand) which may have affected the taste but for some reason it tastes really flat to me. I’m determined to learn how to make this properly but will have to fiddle around with the recipe some more to get it just right.

The goal for tonight is to clean up the kitchen and do a little bit more sewing but the lost hour is really throwing me off.


8 responses to “at last….

  1. Ivy@PaperElixir

    OMG, you’ve been productive! I can’t believe you’re just a week out of bar and you’re all cleaning and sewing! Well, I didn’t expect any less from you 😉 It just makes me feel like a pregnant slacker 😛

    That sewing caddy is so stinky cute!! Love all the mermaidy figures, too too too cute…

  2. I have never seen anything like that (sewing caddy) before. What a neat way to show off your favorite fabrics.

  3. Yay you’re sewing! Your caddy doesn’t look wonky at all, restuffing it a few times really made a difference. Isn’t weekend sewing a wonderful book?

    My favorite of the mendocino prints is the white one with the funny fish. I can’t wait to see your quilt!

  4. I’m so happy to see you’re sewing. Heather Ross’ fabrics are THE BEST.

  5. Dances with Corgis

    Love the fish fabric!

  6. Very nice caddy! I really need t start using my craft books. Sheesh, but now I want Weekend Sewing. I hope mine comes soon.

  7. love your caddie, i am hoping to get my sewing mojo back by sewing up one of my own
    i am so impressed that you are cooking indian dishes. they intimidate me so. another reason for you to keep blogging, so we can wait for you to find the best masala recipe!

  8. I can’t seem to download the pincushion caddy. Would you be willing to e-mail it to me? Thanks

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