remains of the day

I’m feeling a bit b-l-a-h. It’s almost May and they’re predicting snow for the afternoon. A *big* part of me is considering hanging on until September until my lease expires and moving back to Seattle, bad economy be damned. I can handle the grey, rainy Seattle winters. But grey skies and snow? In April? Not so much….

Not much in the way of crafting around here. I was out of town last weekend (thanks for showing me a great time in Louisville Katie!!) and have been working late more than I’d like to. I’m still hoping (perhaps irrationally so) that I will finish my quilt this weekend. I’m about a quarter of the way through the quilting and am auditioning bindings.

So if anyone is reading this out there, there are some things I’ve been mulling over lately and if you have any thoughts, please weigh in.

1. I’m facing a camera dilemma. I have a Fuji FinePix S6000fd which is a pretty serious point and shoot. I can’t decide if I should take the plunge and get a DSLR or dedicate my limited camera dollars to having a good point and shoot that is easier to lug around. I realize that a DSLR and a point and shoot are not at all the same (high picture quality vs. convenience and portability), but I’d be curious if people have had really good experiences with one or the other. (And in particular any models you might recommend.)

2. I’m turning 30 at the end of the year and am trying to figure out how I can celebrate this milestone? I had considered attending this workshop as a gift to myself until I saw the pricetag. Yikes! I’m sure it’s a wonderful experience but I’m not sure I can justify that kind of an expense. I guess I had rationalized it this way…I wanted to celebrate my 30th in a way that incorporates at least one of the major passions of my life and this seemed like a good way to do it. Beautiful textiles. Creative people. Southern food. Handmade goodness. A project to take home as a memento. I had talked with a few friends of setting up a trip fund to have my friends contribute to, you know, to defray the costs, instead of getting me a birthday gift. One friend thought that it was incredibly tacky. Another thought it was a good idea and if I could get enough people on board, I could make the trip manageable. I realize this is terrifically selfish…I’m not asking people to contribute to cancer research or saving the world, but hey you only turn 30 once, right? Thoughts? Other creative suggestions on way to ring in my 30th?

3. I’m trying to figure out what color to use for the binding on my quilt. Right now it’s between a solid green binding or a dark grey binding? (I’ll try to post pictures later….) Thoughts?

The floor is open to all your suggestions….


5 responses to “remains of the day

  1. 1. I’m probably not the one to give advice on this since I feel like I’m mostly “over” Seattle! Who knows where I’ll be this fall?!?

    2. Don’t have any good suggestions on 30th birthdays. I went to a great little bar with about 15 of my girl friends for mine. I had broken up with my boyfriend of 4+ years about 2 months before my 30th birthday so things were a bit rough…

    3. I’m a huge fan of patchwork bindings. I think they’re super cute. Depending on what scraps you have, you might consider one.

  2. Unfortunately I’m little help on any of your issues. I have a Fuji point and shoot and I like it, though.

    I know how you feel about Seattle; I am trying to figure out how I can move back to Hawaii.

  3. aaanytime, chica! =) but the next trip down, we *have* to hit the pub. fish & chips + bourbon barrel stout = yummmmm. :d

    i'm not big on you moving back to seattle, but that's b/c i'm selfish and want to keep you closer to where i live so i can actually see you semi-often!

    personally, i think the trip fund thing is a GREAT idea! it's something that you want and will definitely enjoy, so why not?

  4. how about this workshop?:

    you’d miss out on the southern food, but can hit NYC or the beaches of westport, ct.

  5. For that price, I feel it should include room and board. Yikes! BUT it would be a fabulous birthday present. I don’t think it’s tacky to have friends chip in. They might as well get you something you would really really like.

    I have an older Canon Digital Rebel (DSLR). I love using it, but it’s not fun to lug around especially now that I have a baby. Her snacks, diapers and other essentials take up all the room. My old Canon point and shoot was awesome when it was new, but now it’s so old, I just use the DSLR all the time.

    I just read a commenter about the DS workshops!! That is way more affordable and sounds awesome! 1 1/2 hours away from NYC is not too bad. I must save up for one of those workshops.

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