more democracy in action

dilemma (HELP!) Thanks for the comments on my last post. They were helpful. If you have other ideas or thoughts or just haven’t commented, please keep the comments coming. As promised, here are some pics of the quilt now that I’m nearing the binding phase. I spent some time working on the quilt again last night and am feeling a bit stuck. It’s amazing to me how something as plain and simple as a solid colored binding can really change the color of the quilt. As you can see above, I’m deciding between a dark grey (which I think is more in keeping with the blocks on the front of the quilt) and a bright grass green (which I think brightens up the front of the quilt but is more in keeping with the brighter colors on the backing print). Sorry no picture of the fully pieced back but this Anna Maria Horner print is what predominates. Your thoughts?? Grey or green??

close up of quilting
The other dilemma is the quilting. I still SUCK at free motion quilting so I opted for boring old straight lines, knowing that I wanted to get this poor, neglected quilt done sometime this year. I was originally opting for a diagonal criss-cross grid but now that I’ve finished the lines in one direction, I also kinda like it like this. Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


8 responses to “more democracy in action

  1. hmmm…i like the diagonal grid…maybe a criss-cross would be too much? and you know me, i’m so partial to grays, so i’m voting for gray all the way! =P

  2. Green! But that’s just me. I think it would look pretty sweet with a criss-cross too. More quilty texture :o)

  3. gray!
    and diagonal grid!

  4. Ok, I am no help because I like both colors! Though you are right that the green brightens it up. You can’t go wrong with either one.

  5. Ivy@PaperElixir

    Hmm, the gray binding is more grounding, but the green does make it more lively, I gues it depends on what mood you're in 😉

    And re: the camera dilemma (ha, it rhymes :>), if you like the point and shoot you have now, then I'd say keep it and get a DSLR, then you have a choice depending on what you're shooting/ where you're going. That's what we have now and it's working out OK so far 🙂

  6. wow, this is looking so gorgeous! I love the lines in one direction. I like simplicity.

    I am very happy with my new SLR. the only drawback is the size which deters me from bringing it everywhere like I did with my old compact camera.
    ~emily x

  7. Sara, I still like the green. I think it will make the green in Anna Maria Horner’s print pop. And I think the diagonal lines look great as they are!

    As for the camera question… I’m so sorry… I’m still working on a response back to you.. I’ve had a weirdly busy week between finishing up my homework and take home final AND…. something even more exciting!

  8. metrosupialdesigns

    gray. Love all those fabrics!

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