looking ahead

al vent
image from JFabra

Hi! If you’ve found me here, welcome. I’ve had this space sitting around here, languishing for a few years now but feel like now might be a good time to move into it. I was getting a little tired of my old space and felt like a little change was in order. I’ll be posting here pretty regularly as this space will be the repository for my YIP project, plus whatever else I think may not fit into my flickr. So drop by, follow along, and say hello.


8 responses to “looking ahead

  1. Hi Sara! I’m so glad you’re back! I’d added you to my feed reader. I love seeing the photos for your YIP project.

  2. yay new home! It’s so very pretty.

  3. Hiiii, you did it!! i’m still getting situated but i like the change.

  4. I think this is hilarious… The Great Facebook Emigration of 2008 seems to be over, and *everyone* seems to be returning their thoughts and ideas to more permanent (if neglected) places… I love it.

    Looks great!

  5. Yay! WordPress convert :o)

  6. it kinda cracks me up that you brought your archives to the new space. not MY kind of fresh start. 😉 you are funny.

  7. Jeff, Yeah I just got *really tired* of Facebook. And I got into this awkward situation where I friended a few co-workers on my Facebook account. It just didn’t feel like my own space anymore. And while there is a link to my blog on my profile, they’re unlikely to check it.

    Carolyn, I’m not sure why I felt like I needed to bring my archives along since the other blog is still up (I just won’t be posting to it anymore). But it is kinda nice having the last several years in one prettier place.

  8. I wish I could port my archives over. I have WordPress installed locally on my server, but my old archives were all manually coded… no simple conversion I’ve seen without some lengthy geekout time put into it. Maybe a fresh start ain’t so bad sometimes. 🙂

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