summer preparations

Thanks to all who’ve dropped by to say hello! (I hope you’ll be patient with me while I learn my way around this new space.)

I’ll probably be kicking myself later for saying this but I really wish summer would get her already. The weather here lately has been chilly, wet, and grey. (I keep joking that in this first year in Chicago I’ve been fortunate enough to get a full dose of Chicago winter + a full dose of Seattle winter.) Still, I press onward, enjoying as much as possible what the changing seasons have to offer.

By buying my favorite flowers:
peonies 2

By sprucing up the decor in the apartment:
365.35: stringy!

And by making summery tops:
365.37: summer preparations
(pattern from Japanese book: Sewing Recipe, ISBN978-4-579-11180-0)

What are you doing to enjoy summer?


4 responses to “summer preparations

  1. I love the new pillow!

    If you have time, can you update your new blog rss feed on Ravelry? I use the Friend’s Blog feature so I can see when friend’s update their blog. I am lame and don’t use any other blog reader.

  2. Hey, I found you! I didn’t even realize you’ve “moved” πŸ™‚ Was it an easy transfer of all your old post from blogspot to wordpress? Let me know how you like wordpress!

    Anyway, love the colors of the pillow! Gives me inspiration for baby decor πŸ˜‰ And that top looks awesome, the bust darts and the sleeves look hard with all the little gathering, you did a great job πŸ™‚ (And did you put a little label on?? Sweet!)

  3. The pillow is so cute! And I LOVE the peonies.

    This summer unfortunately, I’ll be working. But hopefully I can get in one of those cute shirred dresses!

  4. I love this blouse, it’s just the kind I like because it doesn’t let people know about an imperfect abdomen. Well, after three babies…
    I’ll look for the book at my local library maybe they have it.

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