long weekend

I think there are few things more gratifying and satisfying than a well-deserved long weekend.

Good food: check!
365.57: kitchen time!

Good fun and friends: check!

And of course, good crafting: check!
365.58: ruched

Hope you had a great holiday weekend as well!


3 responses to “long weekend

  1. Hey, at first glance I thought it’s the same sundress on Flickr… you whipped up another one?? Wow, you’re efficient! The neckline looks hella complicated… great job! The color is very cooling, perfect for a hot and humid summer day 🙂

  2. The food always look yummy! What game is that? And your blouse is beautiful!

  3. Ivy, the sundress was this weekend’s project. The blue blouse I whipped up the weekend before. The neckline wasn’t that hard…it’s just a tube that’s twisted (kinda mobius like). The only hard part is that it’s slip stitched on by hand.

    Oiyi, the game is “Settlers of Catan.” It’s a *really* fun board game!

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