I, Prometheus, keeper of the flame

YIP 365.66: new toy! new toy!
I am not one to wax poetic about gadgets, but holy heart failure Batman, is this thing cool! I wish this were an iphone but I am wedded to the (p.o.s.) blackberry for some indefinite future. But this is an 8 gb itouch….I LOVE it! This is my *third* ipod and I’m just blown away by how different it is from my first one. (My very first ipod was a clunky second generation white thing that seems like a paperweight to me now!) I was up to the wee hours last night setting this up, learning all its bells and whistles, and loading it up with good music. The way the touch pad responds and the way the screen flips when you turn it blows my mind. I wonder if this is how cavemen felt when they discovered fire? 🙂

grape i am
And the apps! The apps just kill me! Especially the kitty-cam-app. OMG is this fun! (Thank you Mariko and Carolyn for tipping me off to this little gem.) This shot is courtesy of a co-worker who has an iphone (sadly, the itouch doesn’t have a camera but I convinced him to get the app). I mean is this thing fun or what? (Clearly, I have no qualms about making a complete and total idiot of myself at work….and in case you’re wondering, we included the snowman to test out the facial recognition feature in the app. Apparently, it only recognizes human faces.)


2 responses to “I, Prometheus, keeper of the flame

  1. i think the problem is the snowman ALREADY HAS A HAT.

  2. i hate to say it, but i really don’t know what i’d do w/o my ipod touch. i bought it knowing it’s little more than a gateway drug to the iphone, but what can i say…apparently i’m a sucker. =P

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