we are family

YIP 365.67: kitty cam--family photo edition
(left to right: Tim, Grace, me, Sam)

I’m sorry! I just can’t help myself. This kitty cam app is just too much fun and I had to test it out on some favorite photos. This is a family photo (me and my three younger sibs) from last year after we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday (a big milestone for us Koreans). Just looking at this photo makes me all kinds of happy. The banana hat on Tim really just kills me.

In other news, on Sunday I ordered a new camera and am going nuts waiting for it to arrive! (I don’t know why I opted for free shipping….this is taking FOREVER!) I really really really really really hope it gets here before my friend’s wedding next weekend. I would be super bummed if I couldn’t take that to the wedding. As soon as that gets here, I promise some non-kitty-cam photos. đŸ™‚


One response to “we are family

  1. Your family is so cute. I love the fruit hats! I agree, the banana is the best.

    And YAY for a new camera!

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