YIP 365.85: bee in my bonnet
1. bagels: proofed, 2. bagels: boiled, 3. bagels: seasoned, 4. bagels: finished

I still haven’t figured out what possesses me to take on these ambitious culinary projects after a long day at work? All I know is that when I came home I was drained and exhausted. Four hours later, my house smells marvelous and I have a batch of fresh baked bagels. What happened in between is a bit of a blur.


3 responses to “possessed

  1. I love bagels!!! I am always tempted to make some, but we have really good bagels in NY, so it’s easier for me to buy!

    I often take on challenges after a long and exhausting day. It helps to unwind. Weird huh? Today was one of those days. Melody had a lot of tantrums during the evening. When I finally put her to bed, I was exhausted. I run into the kitchen and made brownies!

  2. MMMmm. Were they delicious?

    Last night I got home with a slight migraine, and decided to make lasagna … 4 hours later, I went to bed almost crying because my head hurt so much. Who knows why I decided I had to make lasagna.. but it was pretty delicious and now I have leftovers!

  3. you are amazing! my habit at the end of a long day is usually to collapse 🙂
    would love to hear more about your bagel recipe!

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