orange and egg

weekend postcard
1. YIP 365.95: mallow, 2. at the water’s edge, 3. sunset, 4. living history

Hello Friends from sunny WA! It is so good to be home. Even better to be home on vacation, with no particular plans or agenda. This is bliss. Bliss, I tell ya.

My parents both grew up in post-war Korea and have often told me stories about the special foods of their childhood. Often their stories center around foods that I, having spent the better part of my life in Western countries, consider incredibly pedestrian or mundane. My mom tells me that she still feels incredibly decadent and self-indulgent eating a boiled egg or orange because those were foods that she received (as gifts!) when she was a child.

Though my family has seen its fair share of hard economic times (I’m old enough to remember all of the worst periods), I’m not sure I can entirely understand where my parents are coming from? I will probably never know the great sense of happiness, gratitude, and wonder my mom felt each year she got her birthday orange and egg. I live in a land of excess and plenty with no shortage of oranges or eggs (or probably any other food item for that matter). However, I’ve decided that vacations, traveling, and time with family are my egg and orange–something I cherish, in part because they are straight up awesome but also in part because they are (sadly) rare and special treats.

After a rough couple of weeks, I am *so* happy and *so* grateful to have this time to laugh, catch up (on everything), and bask and indulge in so many of my favorite things. I just hope that I can take a little of this happiness and gratitude back with me to Chicago…but in the meantime, there are still a few days of vacation ahead! Tomorrow, the beach!


6 responses to “orange and egg

  1. Enjoy your time at home!

  2. *so* glad you are having such a wonderful time. 🙂

  3. Enjoy yourself! I hope you feel renewed at home.

    It’s true that I will never understand what my parents went through. According to my mom, a boiled egg was pretty special when she was a child. It’s rare that she talks about her poor childhood, but it sounds as though she often went hungry because there were too many mouths to feed.

  4. glad to hear your having such an awesome time. soak it all in!

  5. Sounds like I’m not the only one enjoying family bliss 🙂 Glad that you’re savoring every bit of it! Enjoy!

  6. this is such a beautiful post, sara. i’m catching up here, but i hope that you have been able to keep some of that joy + good energy with you upon your return to chicago!

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